How we think

Collaboratively, with the philosophy that great ideas, innovations, and solutions usually come from a diversity of creative minds. Because our unique brand of support blends the best aspects of conventional approaches with cutting-edge commercial and other specialized capabilities, our success depends on an inclusive, dynamic process that integrates the energies and expertise of multiple contributors. No project is too small or too specialized for us to tackle. Our clients engage us for the outside-the-box thinking that other companies consider too risky to undertake.

How we operate

Like a small business, with an employee-centric, family-oriented culture. We are not a “body shop”, simply providing personnel according to standardized, mechanical processes. While our business portfolio reads like that of a larger business, with five major functional areas and more than 20 prime contracts across seven government agencies, as well as numerous subcontracts and special projects, SIG maintains an intense personal focus on the distinct skill-sets, achievements, professional goals, and long-term security of each employee. As a result, our brand of talent-matching meets the immediate needs and ensures the future success of our employees and clients alike.

How we thrive

By drawing on the knowledge and experience of not only our corporate senior leaders, but, more importantly, on the insight and drive of our employees who are on-site, working side-by-side with our clients every day. SIG has grown more than 2000% over the past three years. 60% of that growth is organic; the result of existing employees recognizing opportunities to fill the unmet needs of our clients. SIG actively encourages our dedicated personnel to use their in-depth understanding of the missions they support to identify capability gaps and help us develop proposed solutions our clients can’t find anywhere else. These employee-driven initiatives, combined with a world-class business development team and corporate employee support structure, are truly the secret to SIG’s success.

Our values are simple and straightforward. We know that competitive salaries and generous benefits are essential in our industry and SIG strives to offer the best in both areas. But our goals extend beyond these tangible elements; we are dedicated to ensuring that each employee has work he or she considers meaningful, exciting, and challenging; a satisfying work/life/family balance; and opportunities to grow personally and professionally as a member of the SIG Team. Our clients’ missions are too important for anything less than the full and enthusiastic support of our employees, which is driven by our corporate culture of loyalty, commitment, and mission-focus.
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